Play Roulette Online

Gambling experts call this entertainment – the Queen of games. Both beginners and real professionals choose that fun more often than something else. roulette is the top gambling game of all time. You will discover that stunning gaming table in any casino worldwide. Swiss gambling websites also offer users various options of this risky and exciting entertainment. Do you want to know what roulette options are available to Swiss players online these days? Are you interested in the rules of roulette online and its odds for gamblers? Then keep reading our review and find out everything first.

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What is roulette online?

Roulette is an amazing gambling competition, the name of which came from the French word “roulette”. This word means “a small wheel”. By the way, the first roulette tables appeared several centuries ago in France. In 2023, this exciting fun is considered the most popular casino game in the world.

The roulette game got a unique design and attribute that distinguishes it from card games, lotteries, and slot machines. Players play roulette and place bets on a special field with markings. But the general point in this game belongs to the magic wheel. The dealer spins the ball on the wheel, and the result of the spin determines who will be the winner.

The wheel in this game is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36. The Zero sector is colored green. In the case of American roulette, there is one more Zero number. All other sectors are colored red and black, which comes one by one, starting with the number 1, colored red. The numbers on the reel are not arranged in order.

roulette is a game based on a single law – luck. Players cannot predict what number will come on the wheel after the next spin. Although, some professional players are sure that roulette strategies can help you win.

Game rules, types of bets, and strategies

The rules of online roulette do not differ from the land-based version. Therefore, if you have ever played roulette in a real gaming hall, you already know everything. If you have never played in a casino before and now just going to visit the best Swiss casino to play roulette online, you should learn the rules.

So, roulette is a game that takes place between gamers and a dealer. Up to 6 people can compete in this fun at the same time. Each participant receives chips and makes bets on the playing field. After all the bets are already made, the dealer spins the wheel. The ball will stop at a certain number, which will determine the winner. Players, who have made winning bets receive a reward, according to the required payouts. All other bets that are lost are sent in favor of the casino.

Types of wagers

To win roulette online games, you need to figure out the rules and get the features of betting. It doesn’t matter where you play: in a land-based casino of Switzerland, or at an online casino. The same betting options are available everywhere:

  1. A bet on a certain number. In this case, the chance to win will be 35:1.
  2. Split. This is a bet on a couple of numbers at once, and in such a case the probability of breaking the pot is 17:1.
  3. Three numbers. This bet option only goes for the numbers 0-2 or 0, 2, 3. The probability of winning with such a bet is 11:1.
  4. Square. This bet covers 4 numbers at once. The opportunity to become a winner, in this case, is 8: 1.
  5. The bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3. This is a very specific bet that covers the numbers from 0 to 3 at the edges of their contacts. The possibility of winning is 8:1.
  6. Straight. The type of bet on a certain row. The probability is 11:1.
  7. Line. A type of bet on two adjacent “Straights”. This wager covers the lines between the rows. Your chance to win here is 5:1.
  8. A dozen. A bet option on any of the three blocks on the playing field. The odds of winning are 2:1.
  9. Column. It covers the numeric column. Your chance here will be 2:1.
  10. Bet on equal chances. It can be a sector smaller/larger, black/red, even/odd. In all variants, the chance to win is 1:1.

Basic strategies for roulette online

Professional gamers of the Swiss casino are sure that it is impossible to predict a victory in roulette but it is still quite real to reduce a chance of defeat. To do this, there are several strategies that are used by experienced gamers when they play roulette. Some of the famous ones are:


The most popular technique of the wheel of fortune game. The strategy is suitable for betting on equal chances, that is, even or odd, red or black, and so on. The game starts with a minimum bet, in case of failure, it must be doubled to try to recapture the money spent.


This technique is based on the principle of negative progression. The bottom line is that the player needs to make a series of consecutive or arbitrary numbers – the equivalent of chips or money that he is ready to spend. Each bet will be equal to the sum of the extreme numbers that need to be crossed out in case of a win.

The Cuban system

It is based on the principle of uneven distribution of black and red cells on the playing field. To increase chances of success in online roulette, the user needs to make two identical wagers either on the black color and the first row or on the red color and the second column.

Roulette types at the Swiss online casino

We have compiled a list of the top online casinos in Switzerland where the most interesting types of games with a magic wheel are presented. You can try any option first in the Demo format, and if some version of roulette online seems to be the most attractive for you, turn to the real betting format. So, the best versions of roulette on licensed gaming sites in Switzerland are:

European roulette

The most played kind of the game. All the traditional rules of roulette online, which were known to players a couple of centuries ago, are preserved here. This game has the lowest advantage of a gambling house, and so it is the easiest competition to win here. There is only 1 Zero on the European roulette free wheel, so this option is more popular than the American game.

American roulette

In this roulette type, there are 38 compartments instead of 37 and they are distributed on the wheel. American roulette is a riskier game since you will see two Zeros on its wheel. This circumstance adversely affects the overall value of RTP. The advantage of the casino is higher here than in any other type of roulette.

French roulette

French type of roulette is very similar to the Euro version. Some experts say, European and American roulette originated from the French option. However, at the moment, all these three types of games are quite independent entertainment. They can be found on the gambling websites from our top rating. French roulette has one unique nuance: when Zero falls, bets on equal chances lose but the La Partage rule applies in French roulette. It says that in such conditions, the gambler gets back half of the bet for equal chances.

Roulette with a triple bonus

A type of game with unusual rules, additional betting fields, and other unique things. On the triple bonus roulette wheel, there are not thirty-seven (as in European or French games) or even thirty-eight (as in the American version) numbers, but 40! The top nuance is the yellow sector B, which is indicated by the word Bonus on the table layout. If the ball stops on that number during the spin, all bets remain in their places, and the user gets a chance for a bonus spin.

Roulette online with a double ball

In this game, you will play with 2 balls instead of one. The dealer runs them one by one. roulette with a double ball has European rules, characterized by a single Zero and a special arrangement of numbers from 1 to 36 on the wheel. Since two balls increase the probability of winning by 2 times, the payout coefficients in Double Ball roulette are reduced compared to the classic table game.

Speed roulette

A great choice for everyone, who likes dynamic and bright games. Each round in Speed roulette lasts no more than 25 seconds. There are practically no breaks between the spins of the balls, and therefore gamblers constantly feel high tension and adrenaline. This type is characterized by fast gameplay, and bets are placed here right during the rotation of the ball, immediately after the announcement of the previous winning number.

Roulette Racetrack

This is a mix of European and French versions. And the bets here got French names. The general rules here are the same as in traditional roulette games. The only difference is that there are some types of additional bets in Racetrack roulette online, including verbal bets.

Roulette Monopoly

In this game, your chances of success are the same as in the American option. The advantage of the roulette Monopoly house is about 5.26%. Users choose this game for its excellent graphics. The difference in bets is small, but the bonus round can lead you to impressive winnings. However, there are some obvious differences. So, instead of 37 pockets located in the range from 0 to 36, there is also a pocket with hot properties in roulette Monopoly.

Online roulette free of charge

Beginning players mainly choose free casino games. Thus, they get pleasure from gambling without risk to the budget. You will find the best offers to play roulette in Demo on the sites from our rating.

So, the advantages of Demo roulette can be briefly described as follows:

  • you can study its rules in a safe mode
  • you will work out different game strategies and tactics, and at the same time there are no financial risks
  • some free casino roulette sites offer Demo games even without registration, and so you will not waste time on it and start having fun instantly
  • you will play free roulette online even on the go, using modern casino mobile apps

There are some cons of the free roulette online game:

  • the player will not be able to earn real money on the Demo roulette
  • some gaming sites limit the period for free gaming sessions

Online roulette for money

Sooner or later, any online gambler aims not only to have fun at roulette but also to earn real cash. And this is quite achievable if you register on the top casino sites from our list and make your first deposit. By the way, today online casinos with European licenses offer players in Switzerland all the most proven and safe banking methods. Therefore, you will deposit money to the account in any convenient way to play your favorite roulette online games and break the bankroll.

Why do they choose a real money roulette format? Everything is obvious here – only by playing for real money you can win a large cash prize one day. These emotions cannot be described in words! When a user places a large bet on a Straight or one number, and, as a result, the cherished number falls out – for the sake of such feelings, it is worth trying to play online roulette for money.

Even if you are unlucky in the first few roulette rounds, remember that you can get luxurious bonuses at the Swiss casinos. These awards will become your additional beneficiary and you will increase your playing level precisely due to bonuses.

Bonuses in online roulette

If you joined one of the best online casinos and passed registration to play roulette, it is likely that you will receive special gifts and bonuses from that casino. Due to these privileges, you will be able to play roulette without spending your money. This way you get more opportunities to win a cash prize, as bonuses will extend your gaming session.

What types of bonuses are available to you for playing roulette game? These can be welcome rewards. Any new casino customer receives them immediately after registering on the website. These can be bonuses in the form of free spins or free cash credits. In any case, such rewards will help you advance in the game without losing your budget.

Before using bonuses in the game, always read the terms and conditions of their action. They are different on various gaming sites. While playing at the casino roulette, you can also use bonuses. But these gifts are certainly not as generous as for playing slots.

How can you play online roulette today?

So, let’s imagine that you know a lot about the game with the magic wheel of fortune, have read the reviews by other gamblers on it, learned all the basic principles of gameplay and, from now on you want to try place bets on red/black in virtual roulette. Where to start this gambling journey? First, you should decide about the gaming mode you will try your luck. For now, you have only two options: play Demo or for real cash. Each of these options has its pros and cons, which were described in our review above.

Also, it is pretty important not to make a mistake with the game site. We recommend that you choose only legal casinos from our list, available to players from Switzerland, with a wide range of options and licensed games. This is the only way you can really get the best gambling experience in this exciting roulette online competition.

Today, players can play roulette in the following online modes:

  • Play online roulette real money on the top gambling sites from our list.
  • Try your hand at roulette with a live croupier. Almost every online casino has roulette tables with live dealers. The differences between Live roulette casinos can be determined by the number of gaming tables, the quality of video transmission, as well as betting limits. This way you will feel the environment of a land-based casino and will be able to learn how to play like a real professional.
  • You can play roulette online free games. Today, many online casinos offer gamblers the option of playing without real money bets. This is a convenient and useful option, especially for novice customers.
  • Another option for roulette lovers is playing on the mobile devices. In 2023, Swiss gamers prefer to play on the go, because they are all pretty busy individuals all day long. Players no longer have much time to play roulette on the PC for long hours on end. It is much more convenient to install the latest Swiss casino application on your smartphone and spin the roulette wheel anywhere and at any time. You can play mobile roulette either through a downloadable application or simply by opening the browser of your cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there roulette tables without restrictions?

Theoretically, there are no roulette online tables without restrictions on bets these days. However, skilled gamblers manage to circumvent such conditions. For example, if they want to make a higher bet than a particular table allows, they simply split this bet into several parts on the table. But this applies only to the land-based casino. If you are playing online roulette, you will not be able to circumvent the betting restrictions here.

What is the difference between online roulette and live version?

It's simple to get - a traditional online game is conducted by a computer program. Live roulette is controlled by a real person on the other side of the monitor. For a live game, a high level of Internet connection is very important, and at first, the game session simply will not take place. Also, Live roulette has more restrictions on bets, unlike the classic virtual game.

Is it possible to play online roulette with friends?

Of course, you can play online roulette with your friends and many casinos offer such a multi-player round format.

Is it possible to play roulette online free without registration?

Yes, you can play roulette for free even without signup. As a rule, all sites with Demo games offer users a similar format.

What are the best online casinos for playing roulette for money?

There are many awesome online casinos with cool roulette online games. Choose those gambling platforms that have licenses and offer a wide list of advanced roulette options. Also, pay attention to the bonus program. It is these online casinos we have selected in our top list.